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The Mr Mac’s Story

Mr. Mac’s is the first baked-to-order, gourmet macaroni and cheese franchise restaurant and hails from New England. With over 5 years of experience serving up gourmet baked-to-order macaroni and cheese, we have what it takes to help you with your dream of opening your own restaurant. Your passion and our dedication is a winning combination. We welcome you to learn more and become a part of the Mr. Mac’s family of restaurants.

Our guests rediscover the kid inside! Falling in love with our baked gooey goodness for lunch, dinner, parties and anytime-takeout.

People of all ages love our reasonably priced, satisfying, home-baked goodness. We like to say that Mr. Mac’s is the best comfort food on the planet!

Ownership Opportunities

Everyone knows mac and cheese. And we mean EVERYONE! It’s personal and reminiscent, reminding us of our own childhoods, of home, or of simplier times.

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Mr. Mac’s – An Old Favorite Done A New Way!

  • Meeting a growing demand for home-cooked meals like mom or dad used to make
  • Using high quality locally sourced ingredients
  • Fresh dairy products; all natural cheeses and high quality pastas
  • In-house fresh preparation with daily shredding of cheeses; chopping of veggies; and roasting and grilling meats
  • Mac and cheese recipes quickly prepared and baked-to-order
  • Variety of recipes offered from simple Classic American to fan favorites including Scampi and our New England style Lobstah Mac and Cheese

A Little History...

ValAndPatof-mister-macsCreated and founded by Valerie Anderson and her brother, Patrick Cain, this fast casual, single product line focused restaurant opened in late 2010. 

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Winning awards from New England television, newspaper, fan-favorite voting and regional food competitions, Mr. Mac’s has collected quite a few accolades in a short time.award-wining-taste   After long careers in corporate America, Valerie and Patrick knew that they wanted something that they could control themselves. They wanted to build this business as a true “family” affair with a sense of fun, community and quality. Their vision was to build a restaurant that they could someday share with the world through private ownership in local communities, building the brand through franchising.

“It’s so rewarding to have our vision coming true! The response to our concept is overwhelming!” Valerie Anderson

Without extensive experience in the restaurant industry, both siblings were avid foodies and agreed right off the bat to hire a “head-foodie” and General Manager. Mark Murphy, a seasoned “grew up in family restaurants” is a business graduate and a vital part of the Mr. Mac’s management team. Together the three, along with their operations manager, led a team of culinary students in the perfection of the menu that kick started their award-winning restaurant concept on the road to franchising as of January, 2016.

The Mr. Mac’s Investment

The Numbers

Initial Investment:

$343,200 to $746,500

Franchise Fee:

$35,000 for the initial franchise fee


6% up to $1,499,999 gross revenues.

5.5% from $1,500,000 to $1,999,999 gross revenues.

5% above $2,000,000 gross revenues.

Resets Every Calendar Year.
We do assess a minimum of $600 per week.

Brand Fund:

1% of weekly gross revenues

Local Advertising:

$2,000 per month


10 years


Protected area with approximately 5 miles or up to 150,000 in population

How It Works:

The initial franchise fee earns you the right to open a Mr. Mac’s restaurant in your protected territory.  We will support you through the whole process:

The Process

Getting your very own Mr. Mac’s restaurant up and running quickly and efficiently.


Finding a Retail Site

We’ll help you locate the perfect location in your area, to maximize your exposure, traffic and sales!


Design and Fit Out Support

From kitchen to dining, we’ll help you through the design and fit out stage to maximize your staff’s productivity.


Local Dairy & Produce Suppliers - Support and Screening

We pride ourselves on using the freshest local ingredients – we’ll help you locate the best and most cost effective sources and suppliers in your area.


Training Program in our New England Location

There’s no better training than hands-on experience. We will invite you to our New England restaurant to learn firsthand how the Mr. Mac’s day-to-day business operation works. This is a comprehensive 120 hrs (2 to 3 weeks) based on our mutually agreed to schedules.


On-Site Help with Soft Opening and Launch

Ready to hit the ground running? Mr. Mac’s will visit you at your location to help with your soft opening and launch into market.


Both On-Site and On-Going Guidance for the Term of the Agreement

As a Mr. Mac’s franchise owner, you can always count on us for support. Answers and help are just a phone call away… because now you are part of the Mr. Mac’s Family!

You will be offered rights to renew with us upon successful completion of your first term with Mr. Mac’s.

An award winning menu, taste and business!




Before we award you a franchise agreement, we follow a simple, straightforward process to make sure this is a good idea…

Let’s Begin With a Simple Financial Question:

Do you have what it takes to open your own Mr. Mac’s, baked-to-order gourmet macaroni and cheese restaurant with financial liquidity of $100,000 and $300,000 in net worth?

If you have the passion to run your own Mr. Mac’s restaurant and you answered YES – then take the next steps:

1. Interested? Fill out our quick contact form. We will reply to you within 24-48 hours.
2. Let’s chat: We want to make sure this is a good fit, before you invest in your own restaurant. Why Mac and Cheese? Why Mr. Mac’s?
3. Application After we have talked, we will send you a full application.
4. Come visit After your application is returned and reviewed, we will invite you for a personal interview, on-site visit and tour of our restaurant. Share a meal. Share some stories. Share your passion, and we’ll share ours.
5. Your territory Discuss territory and your plan to open your own Mr. Mac’s.
6. Become an owner! Join our family and start serving the best comfort food on the planet!

So… Are you ready to become part of the Mr. Mac’s Family? Click here to fill out our Contact Form.